Unlock the true resolution inherent in your seismic data through interactive band stacking

General Details


BandStack™ is a unique spectral decomposition application that allows time-variant stacking of frequency gathers so as to isolate specific frequency bands. As different earth layers exhibit constructive interference in differing frequency bands, this is an excellent means of recognizing anomalous frequency responses. Among other applications, the method has proven to be an excellent Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator (DHI). BandStack™ allows the time varying stacking parameters to be interactively picked on frequency gathers so as to surgically isolate responses of interest.


  • Allows users to interactively select time-varying stacking parameters
  • Can be used to highlight anomalous frequency responses caused by hydrocarbons
  • Very effective means of amplifying low frequency shadows associated with hydrocarbons and anomalous frequency responses associated with channels and dunes


  • Extremely effective for extracting and isolating signals dominant in differing frequency bands
  • Provides a high resolution means of time-varying bandpass filtering without ringing operators
  • Allows spectral bluing without adding side-lobes







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