Discover your data's potential with Extend™ - true bandwidth extension

General Details


Extend™ uses spectral extrapolation to extend the seismic bandwidth, thereby improving seismic resolution. The method is useful for resolving otherwise thin layers and removing tuning effects from Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHI). Fault detection is greatly improved as a result of the resulting shorter seismic period.


  • Unlocks the resolution inherent in your seismic data – will often resolve down to below 1/8th of the original seismic wavelength
  • As a Petrel or DecisionSpace® plug-in, Extend™ fits seamlessly into your interpretation workflow
  • Easily performed on your desktop to transform your existing seismic data at a fraction of the cost of external services


  • Self-parameterizing process means push button results with minimal inputs required
  • Typically doubles the seismic resolution for clear mapping of thin beds and subtle structural and stratigraphic features
  • Requires no a priori model, reflectivity assumptions, nor any horizon constraints
  • Requires no well information or wavelet extraction
  • Improves detectability, bandwidth, and lateral continuity for thin layers on real data






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