Leading-edge fault detection and quantitative analysis

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The delineation of faults and fracture networks plays an important role in understanding subsurface structural properties and ultimately aids in identifying hydrocarbon traps. At Lumina, we have developed a state-of-the-art software package, FaultDetect™, designed to produce high quality images of the fault system. FaultDetect™ contains an extensive set of tools for data conditioning, production of high resolution structural attributes, fault extraction and several fault attributes that will make fault interpretation easier and more accurate.


  • FaultDetect™ combines traditional attributes such as coherence and curvature using adaptive principal component analysis for exceptional fault imaging
  • Can be applied on high-resolution seismic from Extend™ for even greater fault image enhancement
  • Outputs a fault cube with superior fault resolution and imaging in both vertical and lateral slices


  • Analysis of results can indicate areas of potential fracturing
  • Produces superior vertical resolution
  • Provides accurate fault location and placement in three dimensions






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