Revolutionary direct hydrocarbon and sweet spot indicator

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Thin bed reflections are often accompanied by phase anomalies. PhaseDecomp™ uses the fact that seismic data can be decomposed into unique phase components. By passing only desired phase components, remarkable phase attributes that accentuate otherwise subtle amplitude and phase anomalies are produced. This creates new opportunities in thin layer interpretation and direct hydrocarbon detection, with the ability to make subtle effects highly visible. PhaseDecomp™ is a truly unique software module that is only available in Lumina Prospectra™.


  • Detects and enhances amplitude vs. phase anomalies due to lithologic, pore fluid or other changes in thin beds
  • Decomposes seismic data into unique phase components
  • As a Petrel or DecisionSpace® plug-in, PhaseDecomp™ fits seamlessly into your interpretation workflow


  • Reveals anomalies not readily apparent on the original seismic data
  • Detects and images subtle anomalies associated with variations in fluid and rock properties in beds too thin to be accurately imaged
  • Shows highly anomalous bright spots more readily interpretable in terms of hydrocarbon content
  • Bed continuity can be significantly enhanced on phase-filtered seismic













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