The Prospectra® platform brings the industry’s most advanced commercially available seismic spectral analysis capabilities to the interpreter’s desktop. Prospectra® is designed to fit seamlessly into your interpretation workflow as plug-ins to the popular Petrel and DecisionSpace® platforms. Now you can achieve maximum understanding of your reservoir at a fraction of the cost of advanced services offerings. Prospectra®’s advanced methods, visualization, and QC features reduce risk in key interpretation and analysis workflows:

  • Thin Bed Characterization
  • Geosteering, Horizontal Well Design
  • Reservoir Delimitation
  • Direct Hydrocarbon Indication
  • Fault and Fracture Detection, Imaging, and Quantification
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Hydraulic Fracture Design

The Prospectra® suite includes spectral decomposition of seismic data and unique tools for very flexible filtering, analysis and display of results. An array of Prospectra® modules provide a range of advanced analysis capabilities never before available in an integrated interpretation workflow.

Prospectra® Plug-ins

Now Available

The industry’s most advanced, highest resolution spectral decomposition algorithms


Discover your data's potential with Extend™ - true bandwidth extension


Revolutionary direct hydrocarbon and sweet spot indicator


Leading-edge fault detection and quantitative analysis


Unlock the true resolution inherent in your seismic data through interactive band stacking