Bring power to your fingertips with Lumina QI, a state-of-the-art software suite for seismic quantitative analysis. Fast, flexible and easy to use, QI is designed for today’s asset teams and scales with your needs to handle any size task.

With QI you have access to unique and best-in-class tools for analyzing and interpreting your data, particularly suited for thin beds, critical fault analysis and increasing the detail and accuracy of your reservoir characterisations.

Common QI Applications:

  • Thin Bed Characterization
  • Direct Hydrocarbon Indication
  • Fault and Fracture detection
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Well design and Geo-steering

QI Modules

Data Conditioning

Data conditioning for improved analysis results

Spectral Decomposition

The industry’s most advanced, highest resolution spectral decomposition algorithms

Post-Stack Inversion

Unique high resolution post-stack inversion for analysis and quantitative interpretation of your reservoir

Bandwidth Extension

Discover your data's potential with QI™’s true bandwidth extension

Band Stacking

Uncover anomalous responses in your seismic data through interactive band stacking

Phase Decomposition

Revolutionary direct hydrocarbon and sweet spot indicator

Fault Detection

Leading-edge high resolution fault detection and analysis

Multi-Attribute Analysis

Field-proven advanced multi-attribute analysis for high resolution reservoir property prediction

Pre-Stack AVA Inversion

Unique high resolution pre-stack inversion for analysis and quantitative interpretation of your reservoir

QI™ Core

Advanced visualization and QC at the core of Lumina QI™’s capabilities